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I am, Annmarie Clay-Bey, the owner of Designs By Annmarie Clarke LLC. I am a Designer, Pattern Maker, and Seamstress. Designs by Annmarie Clarke was created to provide comfortable couture clothing for full figure women and those with non-standard body types. I understand the struggles of finding clothes that fit properly therefore I dedicated this brand to cater to my target market through custom clothes and alterations.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree for Business Administration and Communication from Eastern Connecticut State University. In addition, I graduated from LaSalle College in Montreal with an Attestation Certification of Fashion Design.

My passion started through creating basic garment sketches and hand sewing. I wanted to study fashion for undergraduate but decided to take the safe route and focus on business. After graduating, I realized I was bored working in the traditional office setting. I slowly started to make dresses for myself, teaching myself to sew on the machine. 


My maternal grandma, who was a top-notch seamstress in Jamaica, encouraged me by teaching me how to improve my sewing skills and make patterns from scratch. With the support from my family, I moved to Quebec to study at LaSalle College in Montreal and fine tune my skills. While in school I started making dresses for family and friends. In 2017 I returned to Connecticut, got married and once again decided to take the safe route. Two years later "Designs by Annmarie Clarke" emerged. 

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